Driving down Grand Blanc Road over the weekend, I noticed several trees painted with pink "X" markings and wrapped in pink ribbon. It looked too random to be for a cause.

Why are trees along Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc Township marked with pink spray paint?

  • At first, I thought it was to note overhead powerlines or underground utilities, but no. Kyle Dontje, Communications Coordinator for Genesee County Road Commission, told me it's prep work for 2023 Road Construction projects. Their Construction Manager said:

Construction staff has been going out and marking trees for removal on our upcoming projects for 2023. There are only Pink painted “X” marked on the trees and Pink Ribbon noting to the contractor on which trees are to be removed.

Credit Nathan Reed
Credit Nathan Reed
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What do other colors painted on trees mean in Michigan?

The State of Michigan has a Utility Color Code Key. Here's what other colors signify:

  • Red: Electrical
  • Yellow: Gas, Oil, Steam or Petroleum
  • Orange: Communication Systems
  • Blue: Potable Water
  • Purple: Reclaimed Water Irrigation
  • Green: Sewer and Drain Lines
  • White: Proposed Excavation
  • Pink: Temporary Surveying (in the case of GCRC, signifies trees to be removed for construction)

What will be happening to Grand Blanc Road in Grand Blanc Township?

  • This spring, Grand Blanc Road will undergo, what Michigan Department of Transportation refers to as, "major widening" from just west of Porter Road to Dort Highway. If you've driven along that stretch, you know it's often a struggle with potholes near intersections and waiting forever if someone should turn left in front of you. The project will be completed this year after being bumped from 2022's project list.
Road construction sign telling motorists to expect delays

More Grand Blanc Road construction planned for 2023.

We previously reported an aggressive year of improvements around Genesee County click on links below for details and timing for each project.

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