Grand Blanc drivers have had their fair share of road construction projects this year.

Heck, Saginaw Road around McCandlish is still in progress.

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The good news is:

  • Center Road from Saginaw Road in Downtown Grand Blanc was completed over the summer.
  • The Perry Road Pathway has been worked on all season.
  • Plus, the months-long Grand Blanc Road widening project from Dort Highway to Porter, is now completed, too.

Which leads us to what's happening in 2024 in Grand Blanc Township.

Grand Blanc Road Widening Phase 2.

Over the summer, traffic could only move westbound on Grand Blanc Road for the widening project.

Next year, the rest of Grand Blanc Road from Porter to Fenton Roads will be widened, too.

Credit: Google Maps, Canva
Credit: Google Maps, Canva

Why? There has been a lot of residential development over the last few years.

Luxury apartments are being built along Grand Blanc Road, near Thornridge and Heatherwood Apartments. That area near Brickstreet.

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The township has already been working to improve utilities in that area, too.

Any detours expected for this phase of construction?

  • It's too soon to know what, if any detours will be needed.
  • It's possible traffic may not be as disrupted because a large section of Grand Blanc Road already has a left turn lane, in that area.

Careful what you wish for...

For years Michiganders have wanted their roads fixed. Despite the short-term inconvenience, it's finally happening.

Our collective shocks and struts are grateful.

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