The first major snowfall of the year is upon us. We know salt won't fix several inches of snow & ice alone. Although, Genesee County Road Commission is well-stocked. You won't believe how much money they spend on salt.

How does Genesee County Road Commission choose which roads get plowed first?

According to Genesee County Road Commission communication, "roads are cleared based on the level of traffic volume."

  1. State Highways are first priority. Think M-54 or Dort Highway running from north to south in Genesee County, M-15 in Davison & Otisville, M-57 in Forest & Vienna Townships, M-21 in Flint, Flint Township... you get the idea.
  2. Primary Roads are second priority. For instance, Hill Road in Grand Blanc, Flint Township or Pierson Road through Flint & Flushing.
  3. Local Roads are third on the list. Think roads that don't run through multiple cities or connect multiple counties, but not subdivisions.
  4. Subdivisions are handled last. Everything else needs to be passable before GCRC will even consider plowing subdivisions. While that annoys plenty of people -- imagine all subdivisions were finished, but you couldn't get anywhere else on the "main roads."
Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

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How many snowplows does Genesee County Michigan have in its fleet?

Believe it or not, 60 plow trucks make up the Genesee County Road Commission fleet. All are ready to go. Salt Barns are stocked, too.

Michigan Department of Transportation is coordinating with every county throughout the state to keep an eye/ear on road conditions, too.

Do you really have to move your car or risk getting plowed in?

Yes. They don't have time to knock on doors to ask politely. So, plan ahead and move off your subdivision streets... or enjoy shoveling.

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