Alexa, Amazon's futuristic smart speaker now sounds cooler than ever. Cars 108 is proud to introduce Alexa integration, which makes Cars 108 available on the Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Show, and select Amazon Fire tablets.

In the Alexa app on your phone, tap 'Skills' and search for Cars 108. Enable the skill, and you're all set.

(Or simply say, "Alexa, enable skills." Then when prompted, say, "Cars 108.")

Now just say, "Alexa, play Cars 1-oh-8," to begin streaming.

In addition to Cars 108, you can now stream Townsquare Media's other Flint radio stations, Banana 101.5, Club 93.7, US 103.1, and WFNT on any Alexa device.

Don't have an Alexa device yet? Now you know what to ask Santa for! (But you probably don't want the Echo Silver in the video below.)


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