Winter showed up fast and furious after a mild December around Flint, Michigan. Following the frigid temps, many subdivisions, side, and dirt roads are still icy.

That's where many residents immediately get to work. But it's not the productive type of work most of us do for a living.

Complaining about the roads

Most folks get to work on social media... ranting about how bad the roads are in their neighborhood. It's understandable, it snowed. Snow catches everyone off guard in Michigan. It happens so rarely. (That was sarcasm.)

GCRC actually has a strategy to tackle roads. See that by clicking here.

Still, we're not sure why some folks don't contact their locally elected officials to voice their concerns or attend a council meeting, in droves, to express their collective desire to re-prioritize how roads are handled in their communities.

Either option would make a big difference, but there's another option that would make a big difference, too.

Work for Genesee County Road Commission

It's true, Genesee County Road Commission is looking for truck drivers. You could have a career with GCRC to learn first-hand what it's like to clear snowy/icy roads.

Snow removal is just one of many things drivers are responsible for. There's also grading, excavating, fixing potholes and many other tasks associated with the job.

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How much do snowplow drivers make in Genesee County?

No doubt, working for GCRC is not an easy job. There's manual labor, working outdoors in the summer heat and those unpredictable, long hours clearing snow and ice during the winter.

The current open driver position pays a salary range of $22.38 - $28.25 per hour and includes benefits.

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So, next time you see or hear someone complaining about the strategy for clearing roads... send them this. Or direct them to call their locally elected officials to express (civilly) the need to reprioritize how plowing snow is handled.

Perhaps more folks will realize it's a tough, thankless job.

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