Fact: snow is synonymous with winter, and it's the main reason most people love this season. The beautiful, fluffy, and cold make our landscapes beautiful and open the floodgates for those who love winter outdoor fun.

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While snow can be seen in almost all parts of the US, some areas across the county receive so much snow that they have been named the snowiest places in America. Sure those now-covered streets to the cozy charm of local cafes offering hot cocoa that warms your soul are great, but you still need those inches to be considered a city that can be considered a snow haven.

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Recently, Angi, formerly known as Angie's List, took on the task of ranking the 25 Snowiest Cities in the U.S. Their findings were based on the average snowfall over the last five years.

"The United States is home to nearly every climate imaginable, from arid deserts to the snowiest cities in the U.S., where record snowfalls rival our neighbors to the north. Although some people love to wake up in a winter wonderland, others prefer to avoid the cold winds and piles of snow altogether. That’s why it’s helpful to know which states receive the most snowfall and which are relatively snow-free", Angi said. 

What Michigan City is the Snowiest in America?

If you live in Michigan, you can expect snow, and lots of it in some areas. Not only did three Michigan cities make the list, but one drifted its way into the number one spot.

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan can proudly claim to be the snowiest city in the country. Here are the details that landed it the crown:

Average Snowfall (2016–2021): 90.0 inches

"Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, is the second-most populated city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an area known for its extremely snowy winters. The city resides on the banks of the St. Marys River, a natural divider between Michigan and Ontario, Canada. 2016 was this record-setting city’s snowiest year in the past five years, with a staggering 116.2 inches of snow".

Michigan towns joining Sault Ste. Marie on the list of 25 snowiest cities in America is:

  • #9: Muskegon, Michigan with 52.82 inches
  • #10: Grand Rapids, Michigan with 52.32 inches

Michigan takes snow pretty seriously. Believe it or not, all three Michigan cities on the list beat out cities in Maine, Montana, and yes, even Alaska. Take a look at the full list of The Snowiest Cities in the U.S. here. 

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