The end of the week may have us witnessing a historic twist in the winter weather saga because Flint is about to flip the script! Brace yourselves Flint and other parts of Michigan might just shatter some winter records.

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Forget the frosty chills and snow-filled sidewalks; Flint is about to serve up a hot slice of unexpected weather magic. While February usually keeps us bundled Flint may be dancing to a different tune that could make the record books with temperatures climbing higher than usual for this time of year.

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Average temperatures for Mid-Michigan average highs are in the upper 20s and low 30s, and our average lows are in the teens for this time of year,  but this year has tossed us a wide variety of highs and lows it seems. According to Mlive's Mark Torregrossa, our average temperature runs around 23 degrees, but the next few days will see us running over 40 degrees for most of lower Michigan. That's quite a bit of a warm-up!

Could Flint Break a Weather Record This Week?

According to WNEM, the following are the warmest temps on record for February 8th & 9th in Mid-Michigan:

February 8th-

  • Flint: 54° (1937)
  • Saginaw: 53° (1937)

February 9th-

  • Flint: 48° (1966)
  • Saginaw: 53° (1925)

As of this article, the chances of matching or breaking those records are looking pretty good, especially on Friday. The forecast is calling for the following high temperatures:


  • Flint: 54°
  • Saginaw: 53°


  • Flint: 56°
  • Saginaw: 55°

Not only are we closing in on matching or breaking the record-warm daytime temperatures, but we may also break our overnight low-temperature records running about 10 degrees warmer than normal on Friday per WNEM.

While many are loving the mild weather, those winter sports enthusiasts like skiers and snowmobilers aren't thrilled. Mother Nature obviously has her agenda, so we can almost guarantee we haven't seen the last of a traditional winter yet. In the meantime, grab your shades, dust off those flip-flops, and get ready to witness Flint rewriting the rules of winter – one toasty day at a time!

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