As we cozy up in our homes, sipping hot cocoa and watching snowflakes dance outside our windows, one burning question lingers in the frosty air: Will Michigan's winter extend its icy grip, or will spring emerge victorious, bringing some much-welcomed warmth and sunshine our way?

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Thankfully Spring is just around the corner and summer is on the horizon here in Michigan. So far we can all agree that winter has been a bit lackluster compared to other years. (Hopefully, I didn't just jinx us into a massive March winter storm with that thought). With the mildness of the year so far, it could be a sign that spring and summer will be just as easygoing.

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When it comes to getting the lowdown on weather predictions the masses still turn to the good ole' Farmers' Almanac. Since 1818 the Farmers' Almanac has been the 'Weather Bible' with its annual publications each year.  The timeless wisdom of the Farmer's Almanac is pretty much a beacon of seasonal prophecy that has guided generations through the ebb and flow of nature's many moods so it's a good place to start in our search for answers.

Farmers' Almanac Spring 2024 Prediction

For those of us residing in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring officially arrives on Tuesday, March 19 at 11:06 p.m. EDT, with the arrival of the spring equinox. According to Farmers' Almanac, the season and the weather may not be on the same page.

"Ski-lovers rejoice! We’re heading for a “Polar Coaster Spring.” Farmers’ Almanac long-range weather forecast calls for many days of cold temperatures",  the Farmers' Almanac says.  "Overall, we see a cool and stormy season for most places of the United States. The exceptions will be in The Southeast and South Central states, where temperatures will be a bit warmer, but even areas in the Southwest will see a slow warm-up".

If you think April will be brighter for Michigan, think again. The Great Lakes State can expect, "many days of cold temperatures, with some possible late snow through much of April ". The almanac predictions go on to say Michigan can see those cooler temps well into May with some active storms as well.

Looks like Mother Nature plans on making us wait a bit longer for those shorts and flip-flop days this year...if you believe in the predictions of the weather bible.  Let's hope they're just a little wrong this year.

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