When it comes to fixing the "damn roads" in Genesee County, three cities have just been approved for grant funding.

The State of Michigan has been offering these grants since 2020.

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Michigan's Community Service Infrastructure Fund (CSIF)

The CSIF is a grant program to assist cities and villages that otherwise can't afford to fix roads due to cost.

Eligibility for the funding is limited to those cities and villages with fewer than 10,000 people according to the 2020 census.

Eligible Project Types

According to the State of Michigan website:

Eligible projects include reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation, or capital preventative maintenance of city or village streets and stormwater improvements needed for the road project.  Only costs directly associated with the roadway construction and associated stormwater improvements are eligible for funding or match credit. Preliminary engineering (design), right-of-way acquisition, construction engineering (project oversight), water/sanitary, and sidewalk are not eligible costs.

Three Genesee County Communities to Receive 2024 Grants:

Great news for the cities and neighborhoods that need it.

  • City of Swartz Creek Winchester Woods Sub
  • City of Davison E 3rd Street, E 4th Street, W Lexington Street
  • City of Davison West 2nd Street and Aloha Street
  • City of Flushing Mill Street and Clearview Drive
Credit: Google Street View
Welcome to Flushing, MI Credit: Google Street View

Previous Genesee County recipient cities include:

  • City of Mt Morris Van Buren Street in 2022
  • City of Clio Smith Street in 2020

How applications are scored.

  • The extent to which an agency has the ability to fund road projects, based on 2022 real/personal property value proportional to population.
  • Projects on local roads - as they have fewer eligible funding sources.
  • Projects paired with other infrastructure projects - to encourage efficiencies and coordination.
  • Projects done together with another agency’s project - to encourage lower prices and other efficiencies.
  • Preventive maintenance projects - to encourage better asset management practices.
  • Points are reduced for agencies that received a grant from the program in the past.

The next window to submit will be in spring 2025. It might be worth mentioning to your small city or village representation.

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