If you're around Flint or all the way up in Gladwin, MI... one place has introduced fantastic food, and we know Mid-Michigan drivers love food on-the-go.

We're not talking fast food or drive-thru eats either.

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Nope, we're talking about fresh eats made in Montrose, MI.

High quality, fresh and convenient food.

It's possible you didn't yet know Beacon & Bridge offers great food at their neighborhood convenience stores. "How good could it be," you ask?

Beacon & Bridge Flushing, MI. Credit: Google Street View
Beacon & Bridge Flushing, MI. Credit: Google Street View

Frequent travelers to the east coast or southeast might know the name Sheetz or WaWa. Those places have a reputation for restaurant quality food.

B&B delivers on that level.

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We asked Beacon & Bridge Merchandising Manager, Eric Patterson, if it was safe to draw that conclusion because it's a high compliment. He said yes, of course.

What makes Beacon & Bridge food so good?

A few, very important things, make their B&B Fresh line of breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings so good.

  • Quality ingredients
  • Made fresh, daily, right here in Montrose, Genesee County -- never shipped in.
  • Sandwiches are delivered, by B&B, to each store a couple times each week.

Most importantly, their food is much fresher than what you'd find at other convenience stores and here's why.

Enjoying a B&B Fresh Club Sandwich, piled high. Credit: Nate Reed
Enjoying a B&B Fresh Club Sandwich, piled high. Credit: Nate Reed

You know those triangle sandwiches that sit in plastic containers?

Patterson tells us, those can last up to two weeks because the container is pumped with a gas to keep it shelf stable.

Beacon & Bridge doesn't do that. It means your meal will taste and look a lot better.

  • Thicker, softer buns
  • Delicious wraps
  • Moist, fresh bagels and muffins
  • And flavorful meats, cheeses, eggs and more.

How long does a B&B food last?

Patterson says their food is fresh, without preservatives, for five days.

It's prepared on day one at their commissary. It's guaranteed fresh for four more days, in store. (Most items sell much faster than that.)

Lake Fenton/Fenton Area B&B. Credit Google Street View
Lake Fenton/Fenton Area B&B. Credit Google Street View

If you haven't treated yourself to one of the amazing sandwiches, you and your tastebuds will love few things, instantly:

  • The weight of each sandwich, burger or wrap.
  • The flavor of each item like chicken & waffles, the spicy chicken sandwich or bacon cheeseburger (and everything else).
  • The portion for the price. Many items could be two meals.
  • It takes 45 seconds to heat. And the package keeps you from making a mess of yourself on the go.

How many Beacon & Bridge locations in Michigan?

B&B is proudly a Michigan thing -- they have dedicated shelving in-store for locally made products.

Currently, they have 25 locations all around the Lower Peninsula and another on the way next year. Details on that when they're finalized.

Patterson says you can expect to see new, homemade food offerings in the new year, too.

Next time you're on the road, stop in to grab a bite... and don't forget the coffee.

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