As 2022's "orange barrel" or "construction season" comes to a close, we start planning for 2023's biggest projects. What's that you say? "How dare I speak of the next construction delay season when this one isn't fully over yet?" Well, having the information is critical to solving our inevitable, collective whining about delays. Here's part one of everything you'll need to know and plan for alternate routes.

First know, these projects are part of federal & state aid funds -- over 15.6 million for the below projects, alone.

Complete Reconstruction Projects Include:

  • Grand Blanc Road from Porter to Dort Highway will be widened to three lanes. Also in Grand Blanc, look for Saginaw Street from McCandlish Road to Charing Cross Drive to be widened to five lanes.
  • Other reconstruction areas include Irish Road from Lapeer Road to Court Street.
  • Then, Lapeer Road from I-69 east for half a mile will be widened to three lanes.
  • Bristol Road between Irish Road and Lang.
  • Beecher will see a project to give Detroit Street a "Diet to three lanes" (no joke, that's what they call lane reductions). Think Detroit Street just north of Coldwater Road at Peachtree Drive, south to Carpenter Road.

While many of these are long overdue or necessary projects -- it will cause a headache in those communities for a good amount of time.

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Many bridges in our community are in need of repair. GCRC's reconstruction list is impressive for 2023.

  • Genesee Road over the Flint River will be reconstructed, Grand Blanc Road over Jones Creek
  • Hogan Road over Shiawassee River
  • Mt. Morris Road over Butternut Creek (between Vassar & Genesee Road)
  • Torrey Road over Swartz Creek (That's between Hill and Reid Road)

That's a lot of investment bang for our taxpayer bucks, in my opinion. Especially the bridges -- we know the state of most bridges in the United States isn't great.

Genesee County Road Commission Communication Coordinator, Kylie Dontje, tells me if anyone has input on road projects for their community...start with your township first.  Costs are shared 50/50 between the county and our communities. Of course, if you want those projects to move along faster... get your neighbors involved. That way, your elected leaders will know it's a priority for everyone.

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