The City Of Flint Could Receive $100 Million In COVID-19 Relief
Big money is coming down the pipeline! In a covid relief bill, Michigan could see over $10 Billion dollars in funds that would help struggling businesses and families.
The city of Flint could be receiving close to $100 million from that bill to help rebalance out our economy...
Flint’s Lead Pipe Replacement Program Put On Hold
The company ROWE which is contracted to replace the galvanized and lead-infested pipes in Flint is running low on funding and will have to put things on pause, for now.
So far close to 7,000 homes have had their pipes lines replaced, but with funding running low it's gonna be super tough to fini…
Sunset Village Set To Close After Being Condemned By The City
The Sunset Village apartment complex has been condemned by the city of Flint and is set to close very soon.
Unfortunately, Sunset Village is still being occupied by residents. Flint's Mayor Sheldon Neeley says that the apartments don't have any water, nor does it have any heat...

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