Flint Is On The Path To Set A New Homicide Record
With the recent surge in violence over the weekend Flint is now on a course to set a new homicide record that was put in place back in 2012.
It's scary to think that things have only gotten worse over time and now 2021 could set the new record for homicides...
'River Lights' Event Illuminates Flint's River Bank Park
Riverbank Park in Downtown Flint experienced a literal "Glow Up" last weekend during River Lights.
Riverbank Park is already a really cool place to walk around and explore during a normal day, but River Lights stepped the magic level up 1,000%...
Someone Pulled A Gun On A Flint Waste Collector
Flint is having enough problems extending the current contract with Republic that handles the waste pickups in Flint. But now they have to be worried about Flint residents pulling guns on them.
Come on bro, just let them collect the trash, it's not that serious...
City Of Flint Adjusts Their Waste Pickup Schedule
Due to a staffing issue, the city of Flint will have to alternate its waste pick-up by switching between yard waste and recycled waste on a weekly basis. 
It's just another addition to the annoying list of things that you'll have to tolerate if you live in the Flint area. 
Michigan Gas Prices Are Starting To Drop
Gas prices have gone down an average of four cents in Michigan recently, but is that enough to safely say we're on the decline? Probably not.
Gas prices in Flint alone have gone down by five cents, leaving Detroit with the highest gas prices in Michigan set at $3...

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