Driving along Center Road from Atherton to Hill Road feels like it's (still) a newly paved road. When you get beyond Hill Road headed toward Downtown Grand Blanc -- it's like a third world country. (See Genesee County 2023 Construction Projects Here and here.) Thankfully, there's a construction project slated to fix the pot-hole riddled stretch of Center Road near Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc.

When will Center Road in Grand Blanc be fixed?

According to the City of Grand Blanc website, bids were accepted in 2022 and they thought construction would begin over the summer of 2022. Obviously, that didn't happen. So, 2023 will mark the year of construction for Center Road from Saginaw Street to Brainard.

City of Grand Blanc
City of Grand Blanc

What are the detours for Center Road construction in Grand Blanc?

Planned detours will close Center Road (except to local businesses & residents) at Hill Road. You'll detour down Hill Road, turn left (south) at the Saginaw Street/Hill Road intersection to get into Downtown Grand Blanc.

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How long will Center Road be closed for construction in Grand Blanc?

There isn't a specified amount of time for the project yet. Impacted residents will be notified by the city ahead of time.

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Who is paying for Center Road construction in Grand Blanc?

Of course, taxpayers. That's what our money is supposed to do. That said. 80% is funded by Michigan Department of Transportation with the remaining funds coming from Grand Blanc.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Will Center Road in Grand Blanc be widened?

According to the detailed plans for the project, it doesn't appear to include widening. (It's very residential beyond the intersection.) To my un-trained eye, it looks like the left and right turn lanes, from Center Road turning to Saginaw Street, could be slightly extended -- but don't quote me on that.

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