We first reported back in December that Center Road in Grand Blanc was up for reconstruction work this spring. It desperately needed repair. The project started at the beginning of April and has finally wrapped up.

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Construction happened from Saginaw Street to Brainard along Center Road.

City of Grand Blanc
City of Grand Blanc

Overall, it looks fantastic. New signage has been installed all along the reconstructed area, too. People have mixed feelings about the finished product, of course. The Grand Blanc Facebook Groups have many commenting "it looks great." Others observe the curve is "tighter than before" while some say without the shoulder it looks wider and there is more grass in the area now.

People complaining about the curve being tighter, probably don't realize it has always been very sharp in that area. That part isn't "new" to folks that have lived around here for many years.

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Who paid for Center Road construction in Grand Blanc?

Of course, taxpayers. That's what our money is supposed to do. That said. 80% is funded by Michigan Department of Transportation with the remaining funds coming from Grand Blanc.

Here's what the old intersection looked like:

Google Street View
Google Street View

Now, brace yourself for a bigger detour mess because Grand Blanc Road is going to be widened from Porter to Dort Highway. That is going to be an even longer project with traffic only allowed to drive westward.

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