Things have become very quiet in one busy intersection in Grand Blanc, and residents are starting to ask questions.

Many of you driving in the Holly Road and South Saginaw Street area in Grand Blanc have likely noticed the buzz around the construction of the new Ross Dress for Less and Five Below locations. These additions promised to bring more shopping options and convenience to our community. However, over the past month, construction seems to have come to an unexpected halt, and it’s left many of us wondering: What's going on?

In January, we shared the news that along with the strip center facing S.Saginaw Street featuring Jersey Mike's and Starbucks, the old Kmart section of the plaza would welcome Five Below and discount retailer Ross Dress for Less. The strip center area is in full development with many new businesses open already, but the back area seems to have hit a wall. Although construction was well on its way, it seems lately there has been little or no movement.

Of course, social media is where the heavy discussion is ramping up, especially on the local community pages. Rumors are swirling that the sudden halt to construction is due to one or both retailers pulling out. One resident commented, "According to city minutes Ross has, but 5 Below is still moving forward". We are still trying to confirm that information.

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I took a drive-by to check it out and the signs for both retailers are lying on the ground and look as though they've been down for a while. As a matter of fact, the whole area looks as though there hasn't been much activity at all in some time. Of course, the signs could have just blown over, but wouldn't a new business want those back up pretty quickly?

Interestingly enough, the comments to a post suggesting both have called it quits on opening in Grand Blanc were not exactly "oh bummer", but more suggestions on what residents would rather see take over the long-vacant space in town. Many felt both businesses weren't the best fit for what the town was lacking, and are hoping if the rumor is true Grand Blanc gets another shot at something new.

"Sorta feel like that’s not a loss, those aren’t exactly high-quality stores that are going to make shopping better in Grand Blanc. Five below is a glorified dollar store and Ross is just masses of what would otherwise be trash if a store didn’t buy these clothes and knick-knacks."


"Target. Tj max. Marshall's. Home goods. Hobby lobby. Any of these would be awesome! Instead, it'll stay empty or end up being another Starbucks or something we already have multiple of."


"Marshalls, hobby lobby, Joann Fabrics, Ulta, Michaels, and Home Goods would all be great!!"

As of now, we wait. For now, the best thing we can do is stay patient and keep an eye out for any official announcements from the developers or city officials. The pause could very well be a temporary setback, and with any luck, we’ll see construction back in full swing soon. More to come...

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