Well, it looks like there's a new place to keep your car shiny and clean heading to town...well at least Grand Blanc.

Get ready, Grand Blanc! The renowned Tommy’s Express Car Wash is making its way to town. The car wash giant is in full-on expansion mode and Grand Blanc is set for a new location. It was just last April that Tommy's opened its first location in the area with a new spot on Miller Road, and you can now add Grand Blanc to the list.

Currently, according to the website, Tommy's has 200 locations nationwide with 80 "coming soon" and that includes the Grand Blanc location. So where is the new Tommy's Express Car Wash set to open? The sign is perched on Saginaw Street just south of the Dort Highway intersection across from Chase Bank.

What's All the Hype About Tommy's Express Car Wash?

If you are wondering what all the hype is about, it all boils down to service and details. Tommy's Express washes take about three minutes and the wash itself is state of the art according to the website.

"Each site features the highly recognizable Totally Tommy building, complete with dual towers, a curved acrylic roof, multiple pay lanes, the Tommy Transporter dual belt conveyor, stainless-steel curved arches, and the app-based Tommy point-of-sale system."

Each locations also offer free floor mat washers and vacuum stations outside the car washes and a list of products to choose from.

As of now, there is no official opening date announced, but we should know more once the ground is broken on the new location. Let's hope the Grand Blanc Tommy's goes up as fast as their washes.

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