Get ready to indulge in a delightful array of unique and delicious donuts that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you craving more...and you may not have to wait long. The anticipation has been building, and the wait is almost over for a new craft doughnut shop in downtown Grand Blanc.

We told you back in April that Parlor Doughnuts, the craft doughnut chain, would be setting up shop in Grand Blanc. The specialty craft doughnut and coffee shop will offer unique bakery items, including their original layered doughnuts that set them apart. They will also offer a variety of vegan/gluten-friendly, and keto-friendly products.

When the downtown Starbucks location on South Saginaw Street in Grand Blanc relocated to the new plaza at the corner of Holly Road, speculation started on what would occupy the vacant space. When the secret finally came out that it would be the drool-worthy Parlor Doughnuts.

Their doughnut flavor selections are incredible! Soon you can get your hands on a Maple Bacon doughnut, a Churro, or even a Raspberry Pistachio doughnut. They will even offer Dog doughnuts for your four-legged coffee date.

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So when will we finally be able to completely indulge? According to the owners, they will be opening their doors at the end of July, and they are looking forward to letting the area in on why Parlour Doughnuts will be your favorite spot in Grand Blanc. Until then, start drooling over the menu here.

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