Just outside of Midland, MI you'll soon find a cat lover's oasis... or is that paradise?

Either way, it's sure to be purrrrfect.

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Pardon the puns, but the community is curious and excited to sip and relax with kitties.

Cozy Cats Cafe Coming to the Tri-Cities

Owner Crystal Burditt told ABC12 she was "inspired by the resilience" of the Sanford community following the devastating floods a few years ago.

She wanted to create something of a gathering place for the community, with a cause.

Soon, folks can grab a snack or lidded drink and relax with cats. By the way, they call that area the "cattery."

Relax with cats for a great cause.

The cattery is a non-profit. Smart Paws, a local cat rescue runs it for them.

At any given time, 25 cats from the organization's estimated 200 will be hanging out at the cafe. All of which are available to adopt.

Credit: Paul King and Cozy Cats Cafe on Facebook
Credit: Paul King and Cozy Cats Cafe on Facebook

That's a cozy space, indeed.

Where is Cozy Cats Cafe located?

Just west of Midland, MI in Sanford, you'll find Cozy Cats Cafe.

Their address is 330 E Saginaw Road, Sanford, MI. Phone 989-488-6616. It's located in part of the old Sanford Animal Clinic.

When will the cat cafe open?

The owners and community have put it in a lot of hours transforming the property, but they still have to wait for the kitties to arrive a little longer.

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Following all permit approvals, they anticipate welcome cats to the cattery in the next couple of months. In the meantime, they're already planning & hosting some events.

We're thrilled that everyday can be cat-urday.

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