Fans are still flying high after Sunday's Lions game but Detroit police say some scammers are taking advantage of fans' enthusiasm by peddling fake merchandise.

Detroit police say they have seized over $85,000 worth of counterfeit merchandise, including Detroit Lions, Pistons, and Tigers apparel.

Counterfeit Merchandise is Big Business

Unfortunately, counterfeit gear is big business. In June of 2022, seven people in Warren were busted for selling counterfeit merchandise, namely designer goods. More than 2,000 fake items from names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Coach, Armani, MCM, Ferragamo, and Ray-Ban, and more were discovered.

Earlier that year, two brothers were arrested for operating a massive, multi-state forgery ring, selling counterfeit art and sports memorabilia from a barn in Northern Michigan.

Selling Counterfeit Gear is Bad Business

Greg Every operates FanaticU, a local chain of three sports apparel stores in the Detroit area. His downtown location is right next door to Ford Field. Every tells Detroit's WXYZ-TV that everyone suffers when fake merchandise hits the streets.

"We have to spend extra dollars and, you know, buying from vendors and they have to pay their licenses, the stuff cost more, and when they go out there and print it on a T-shirt thing and buy for real cheap," Every says. "You know it's just not fair. It hurts us. It hurts the Lions when you don't buy the good stuff."

Every notes that he's lost a lot of money over the years due to fake merchandise.

Look for Genuine Articles

Every says there are certain characteristics to look for to ensure you're getting genuine merchandise.

"Look for NFL tags. Also, there will be an official NFL sticker. There's a hologram there and a bunch of other stuff inside. It's pretty intricate, and that's how you can tell," Every says.


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