Mayor Sheldon Neeley is doubling down on the reward to find the people responsible for dumping trash and tires in Flint.

Last month Mayor Neeley put out a notice that the city had teamed up with Crime Stoppers to find the people responsible for dumping tires at an abandoned home in Flint. The two entities had offered up a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest originally, but that amount has now doubled. With the new federal money coming into Flint, and blight reduction being a high priority, Mayor Neeley decided to double the reward amount.

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Mayor Neeley put out a press release Monday about the increased reward, and addressed why it was so important to keep it from happening again.

We need residents to join us in our fight against blight. Let’s fight back against all those who would treat our community like a garbage can

If you have any information that can lead to an arrest, you have many ways help out. You can contact Crimestoppers at 800-422-5245 or you can use their app. The city is looking to crack down on illegal dumping, and everything we can do to help will only make our city better in the end.

I have to add that I LOVE the focus that is being put on blight and illegal dumping in Flint. The more someone looks at an area as trash, the more likely they are to treat it that way. Our city deserves better, and it has to start with us. Mayor Neeley has already committed $2 Million toward fighting and removing blight in the city, but that won't be enough. We need to make sure we are looking out for new problems that could pop up. That means reporting illegal dumping, and making sure to head up community clean up projects. The more pride we take in our city, the more respect others will have to show Flint.


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