Flint Police are looking for the person responsible for dumping more than 130 old tires at an abandoned Flint home, and they need your help.

The police are even offering up a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible. City officials suspect that it was a tire disposal company that dumped the tires according to Mid Michigan Now. It is thought that a company charges people to dispose of their old tires, then sometime this weekend, just dumped them at the abandoned Flint house.

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Mayor Neeley put out a call for help from Flint residents to help find the dumpers.

We need to evacuate these bad actors out of our community. That would treat our community as a garbage can. This is a fire hazard. This is a health hazard. And this is an emergency in our community and I need the resident's help

The tires are especially discouraging to the city and residents because of all of the blight removal efforts going on right now. The city has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last couple of years to clean up blight. So it's even more disheartening when someone shows no regard for the health and safety of people living in the city.

The Flint blight team is hoping to have the entire area cleaned up by the end of the week, but residents worry that it will just happen again. This is the kind of problem that will keep happening until residents stop letting it happen. The city and police can respond after it happens, but the people in the community are the ones that can prevent it.

Another step that can be taken by the city to prevent things like this from happening, is actually already in progress. Flint officials announced a plan to keep all Flint street lights lit earlier this year, and even announced a tool to report out street lights. It's proven that communities that are well lit, also experience less crime and vandalism.

If you have any information around the tire dumping, you are asked to contact the Flint Police Department immediately.


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