The city of Flint is preparing to install speed humps in its residential areas to help control aggressive drivers. This will be the first step in a larger plan to slow down traffic in areas where children are present.  

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Mayor Sheldon Neeley said it's a needed effort to calm traffic.


"These speed humps maybe speak to those lighter offenders of speed laws, just to make them slow down when we have residential areas where we have kids and pedestrians. We want to make sure life is safe inside our residential communities," said Mayor Sheldon Neeley.


Transportation Infrastructure Director John Daly has been spearheading the project. He said the new safety measure could improve the quality of life for residents.

Flint is no stranger to aggressive drivers, heck all of Michigan has terrible aggressive drivers. Residential areas, however, should definitely have a higher focus on safety and since speed signs don't work, it's time to upgrade to something that you don't have a choice but to pay attention to.

I took the time to look up a few videos to see what would happen if you tried to go over a speed hump without slowing down, and I was not disappointed.  Speed humps can literally destroy the front of your car if you don't slow down, not to mention rattle your car's front alignment if you haven't kept up with maintenance. Check out the video below and just imagine this setup being implemented in the City of Flint.

I'm actually looking forward to it!

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