The next mayoral election has just got way more interesting as ex-mayor Karen Weaver will have some competition running against current Mayor Sheldon Neeley now that Flint City Council's infamous Eric Mays has thrown his hat into the race. Oooohh sh*t!

The Flint City Clerk's Office has confirmed that the following individuals have all submitted signatures to run for the Mayor of Flint.

  • Sheldon Neeley

  • Karen Weaver

  • Eric Mays


Flint is no stranger to bullsh*t when it comes to politics. The city developed a bit of a reputation for negativity due to the former administrations. Speaking of former administrations, former Mayor Karen Weaver is running as well, (like if you haven't seen all the billboards). My question is though, would Eric Mays be a waste of time for the city granted he has done some pretty stupid stuff in the past that will make you scratch your chin and go "Wtf?"

For instance, the last time we saw Eric he was on the news for drinking during a virtual council meeting. His response was hilarious and this is just scratching the surface of the craziness that is Uncle May's. How about that time he was arrested and escorted out of the Flint Council Chambers? The fact that he's still on the Flint City Council and making big decisions for the city is very very puzzling to me. Don't get me wrong, I love Eric May's, but not as a politician. I almost feel like he's running just to sacrifice votes that could've gone to a better candidate, which happens all the time in politics. I like Eric almost as a Quentin Tarantino character in a new movie. Don't tell me you wouldn't love to see Eric Mays in Pulp Fiction! He would've been a great Samuel Jackson replacement. 

Joke aside, Eric Mays is a suspect character to be running the city of Flint. Especially if you just do a simple Google search of "Eric Mays" and see what types of crazy sh*t start popping up. In my opinion, Sheldon Neeley has been doing a better job than any other administration before him. I know saying that is gonna trigger some people, but I don't care. I lived in Flint my whole life and all I want is someone to really fix our city and Sheldon Neeley is doing just that, so I have to respect it.

Everything else is just a distraction...     


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