Everybody's favorite uncle Eric Mays was voted out of his seat as president of the Flint City Council after a 10-hour meeting.

After what seemed like a super unnecessary length of time six of the city council members voted to remove Eric Mays as Flint City Council President and of course, Uncle Mays didn't go quietly. After being voted out Uncle Mays continued to call himself the president of the City Council and claims he will get lawyers involved. Oh boy.

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Mays still considers himself the council president saying upon his election to the position, the city charter granted him a one-year term. He plans to take legal action to resume his leadership role. In the meantime, council vice president Allie Herkenroder is serving as interim president.


This sounds like the beginning of a supervillain origin story. If you are familiar with the history of Uncle Mays then you would know this is a very mild response. This news comes out just as Eric Mays announced that he will be running for Flint's upcoming mayoral election, and if he's really serious about running and not just being paid to throw off votes, then this is a terrible look. The mind of Uncle Mays is an interesting thing to witness over time. Never in my life have I heard of such a controversial political figure just running around a city cussing people out and not making sense. I often wonder how far some of these political figures would have made it if Flint was more serious about its politics.

Either way, this isn't the last time we'll see Uncle Mays, just you wait and see.

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