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Flint City Councilman Eric Mays has a way of grabbing headlines, thanks to his outlandish behavior that often occurs during Flint City Council meetings.

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Mays was once again removed from a council meeting on Tuesday (3/2) evening after being ruled out of order for referring to Council President Kate Fields as "a dictator."

Mays was accused of being drunk during the meeting and calls the accusation discriminatory.

"I told them they could send the state police, the breathalyzer anybody to me and they didn't but our rules don't allow for personal attacks and so that was a different treatment and discrimination against me," the councilman tells Mid-Michigan Now.

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Mays participated in the virtual meeting from Ingham county. When pressed about his ejection from the proceedings, Mays admitted that he had consumed "one cocktail" but contends that he was not drunk.

"I don't think I was drunk but I hardly drink so who knows what a little cocktail might do for me.."

It was nearly one year ago when Mays was forcibly removed from a Flint City Council meeting in handcuffs. The council voted last March to ban the 1st Ward councilman from attending meetings for one month. Video of the argument that led to Mays' removal is here.


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