Flint is a major focus of the new Michigan state budget that is being finalized to start October 1st.

Right now the proposed budget plan includes more than $3 Million for Flint programs. The programs range from blight removal to a grocery store project in Flint. The money will be a huge help in keeping some great programs that are already in place, along with helping new programs get the jump start they needed.

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So how is the $3 Million being distributed in Flint?

There are a number of programs that will be getting money in the new state budget. The biggest chunks of money are being used toward blight removal in Flint and to Berston Field House. Check out the full breakout below.

  • $1M for Blight removal in Flint
  • $1M to Berston Field House upgrades and renovations
  • $460k to the North Flint Food Market
  • $375k to the Flint Social Club
  • $250k to the Flint Public Library
  • $100k to the Flint United basketball team

The major point of this money is to decrease the number of dangerous spaces in Flint, while increasing the number of community based programs. Mayor Neeley talked about how important the blight removal is for Flint to move forward.

the funding helps ensure that our citizens can live in safe and welcoming neighborhoods

Berston Field House is also getting a large amount to help kickstart the upgrades and new projects that have been planned. The overall project is roughly a $20 Million project, but this first million is crucial to getting it all started. Some of the new projects at Berston include new playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer field, baseball and softball fields, an outdoor amphitheater and many other upgrades.

You can read the full budget bills here and here.

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