Flint Residents will be happy to know that some major eyesores will be coming down this summer. The Genesee County Land Bank is planning on demolishing 37 abandoned buildings around the city of Flint. This is something that is long overdue and hopefully, it's just the start of more in the future.

According to ABC12, The land bank is using a $448,000 grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to demolish the houses, which Flint residents listed as a top priority on a recent survey.

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Apparently, the Genesee County Land Bank has over 2,500 buildings/homes that are on the list to be demolished but for now, they are focusing on the abandoned homes that are sitting next to homes where people live, near schools, and ones that are fire damaged. They say there are roughly $4,500 structures that need to be demolished in Flint that are owned by the Land Bank and privately owned as well.

Hopefully, they continue to get funding to get these structures down. These homes are beyond repair and do nothing for the community.

Genesee County Land Bank Authority Executive Director Michael Freeman:

Demolishing these high priority dangerous structures in neighborhoods will help to increase safety, restore value to surrounding homeowners, improve the appearance of neighborhoods, and create new opportunities for investment.

The Land Bank says we could see significant improvements in the next six months. There are some neighborhoods in Flint where there is nothing but abandoned homes. These neighborhoods are so ugly to look at and residents have been looking at this crap for far too long. I'm glad to see something is finally being done about it.

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