There's nothing like being on the water in Michigan. Whether you're on the Great Lakes or one of the hundreds of inland destinations, we don't often think about the possibility of abandoned boats in the state.

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Abandoned Boats Around Michigan

In the world of urban exploration around Michigan, boats have been "discovered" around the state and they look like creepy remnants of a movie set. We won't disclose where these are located, of course.

There is so much "lake life" to be had around the Mitten with wonderful experiences like speed boating, fishing, water skiing and dining with the most beautiful views. It's weird to think marinas and personal boats would be left sitting outside or indoors to rot.

Other Abandoned Places Around Michigan Worth Seeing

By seeing, we mean in pictures, of course. It's amazing what people leave behind. It's apocalyptic, yet naturally artful in most cases.

Take a look at the strange beauty of these abandoned watercraft. A special thanks to Corri Lynn on Facebook for letting us share. Of note, the Coldwater Lake Marina is included in some of these pics. and is still in business.

**Urban exploring can be dangerous and, in some cases, it's illegal. Urban exploring should only be done with the permission of the owner. 

Abandoned Lake Life: Michigan's Old Decaying Boats

Boats from around the state of Michigan discovered, abandoned near water and on land.

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