We've acquired or have seen the latest Michigan license plates "Water - Winter Wonderland." It got me thinking about dining along waterfronts along Michigan's East Coast. There's nothing like a great meal, frozen drink and good conversation on the water.

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Does Michigan have many waterfront restaurants on the eastern shorline?

  • It turns out, we have (at least) 12 fantastic spots to stop on a road trip along the water -- or visit while we're staying in Southeast Michigan, in the Thumb, Up North or even the Upper Peninsula.

Most of Michigan's waterfront dining places are probably seasonal, right?

  • Actually, most of the lakefront, riverfront dining options are open year-round. Only a couple are seasonal -- and those are even more special along marinas or in direct view of the occasional tall ship.

Are all of Michigan's waterfront restaurants fancy?

  • Thankfully, many of the spots with water views are casual. A couple around Wyandotte and St. Clair feel higher-end with the menu or venue, but still welcome casual diners. Heck, one even has three options in a sports bar, fine(r) dining and a bowling alley with decent food.
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How far north and south can you find places to eat on the water?

  • You can find great places as far north as St. Ignace all the way down to Erie, MI. Along I-75 and US-23 that's about 326 miles or nearly five hours on the road. But, you'll be stopping to eat places, not making a daytrip.

Plenty of reasons foodies should love Michigan -- Enjoy the food and the view no matter the season.

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