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Patty’s Meatloaf — Cars 108 Recipe of the Week
Anyone can make a meatloaf, but very few people know how to make great meatloaf. It requires the proper amount of ingredients combined with just the right cooking method to perfect. It is those elements that lead us to select Patty's Meatloaf as our Cars 108 Recipe of the Week.
Jeremy’s Meaty Treaty — Cars 108 Recipe
More than 10 years ago, I was making dinner for my friend Amanda. I only had one steak and one chicken breast in the freezer.  That was when I had the inspiration to create what she has named 'Meaty Treaty.' Since I first served this dish, my recipe has evolved just slightly over the …
Ron’s Beef Stroganoff — Cars 108 Recipe of the Week
Our first official Recipe of the Week comes to us courtesy of retired United States Air Force Sgt. Ron Lathrop, whose recipe for Beef Stroganoff had us all salivating. Get the recipe and submit yours for a chance at being selected as the Cars 108 Recipe of the Week!

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