It's a good feeling to see the Weather Ball in Downtown Flint more red than blue these days.  After those record-breaking temperatures we had this past Sunday, the summer traditions in and around Flint don't seem as far away as they did when we were shoveling snow just a few weeks ago.

When we were at Back to the Bricks last summer, I noticed how much Downtown Flint has come back to life.  The beauty is returning with new buildings, new restaurants, renovations, (we won't mention the Genesee Towers), and the good ol' Weather Ball.

When it was built back in 1956, long before cable TV and the internet, many Flint residents would know what the weather was going to be, simply based on the Weather Ball.  But, it just looks like a flashing ball in the night sky unless you know the poem:

When the weather ball is red, warmer temperatures ahead.
When the weather ball is blue, colder temperatures are due.
When yellow light is the color of the weather ball, there will be no change at all.
When it blinks in agitation, there will be precipitation.

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