Last Sunday, we saw an iconic Flint landmark disassembled as the "C" and "B" on the Weather Ball were removed. For just under a week, the structure was "naked." But late this week, it was redressed with an "F", an "M", and the First Merit Bank logo.  Obviously the "F" and "M" stand for First Merit, but many Flint residents prefer to think of it representing Flint, Michigan instead.

Ever since First Merit acquired Citizens Bank earlier this year, many residents had concerns that the Weather Ball would be taken down. Many were upset about it's face lift, but glad that it remained in the Flint skyline.  The Citizens Bank signage change began in early June, and this week's finishing touches put on the Weather Ball it would appear that the transition is complete.

If you've ever wondered how the Weather Ball works, I had the chance to take a tour inside it last year. For 1950s technology, it was actually pretty cool! Check it out by clicking here.

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