I have been doing some research, and although I don't yet have a definitive timeline, the look of Downtown Flint is about a month away from an overhaul. The Genesee Towers, which were slated for demolition earlier this year, will come down in late October or early November according to the Flint DDA. Since it was condemned in 2004, many residents are happy to see the structure finally fall after looking at what many call a crumbling eye soar for almost a decade.

The 19-story, 250 foot building is the tallest structure in Flint and Genesee County, and has been since it was completed in 1968. I always wondered why it was called the Genesee Towers, plural, not the Genesee Tower since there is only one building. I recently learned that because of the air gap in the middle, it is actually two towers stacked on top of each other.


The other change that is due to take place in the coming weeks is a makeover of the Citizen's Bank Weather Ball. Members of the Flint community were worried that the ball would be removed or destroyed following the sale of Citizen's Bank to First Merit Bank earlier this year.

Sandy Pierce, CEO of First Merit Michigan, said that the Weather Ball will stay, but it will get a facelift.  The letters "C" and "B" will be replaced with "F" and "M."  While many in the community think that it should be kept the way it is, others look at the "F" and "M" as representing "Flint, Michigan."

I was able to take an exclusive tour inside the Weather Ball before the sale to First Merit.  Check it out here.  While the team at Citizen's Bank was very generous in allowing me to share the intricacies of the Flint Icon with you, I can't get anyone from First Merit to call me back with details on when the change will occur.

Are you looking forward to the changes downtown, as if it were a new beginning for Flint?  Or, are you sad to see the skyline change forever?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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