The Citizens Bank weather ball has been a highlight of the Flint skyline since it went up on August 30, 1956, but it's future was unclear with the announcement of Citizens Bank's purchase by FirstMerit Bank.

Yesterday, the fate of the weather ball was revealed.

The 56 year-old weather ball is here to stay, announced First Merit officials yesterday. FirstMerit is the mid-western banking company that purchased Flint based Citzens Bank. "FirstMerit is as committed to the communities we serve as Citizens Bank was," said Sandy Pierce, vice chairman of FirstMerit Corporation. "We understand that the weather ball is a cultural icon, valued by the city."

The weather ball will undergo a slight transformation, however. The letters CB (for Citizens Bank) will change to FM (for FirstMerit) at some point during the summer. It was hoped that the original letters could be preserved, but their condition is to fragile, and they will be recycled.


Do you remember the weather ball poem?


When the weather ball is red, higher temperatures ahead.

When the weather ball is blue, lower temperatures are due.

Yellow light in weather ball means they'll be no change at all.

When colors blink in agitation, there's going to be precipitation.


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Change is inevitable, but is it still the Flint weather ball without the iconic Citizens Bank letters?



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