Flint Looks Incredibly Different From a Kayak on the Flint River
You may think you know Flint inside and out, but until you've kayaked your way down the Flint River, you haven't seen it all.
My birthday was this past weekend, and my family got me a really cool present. They reserved a kayaking trip down the Flint river through Kayak Flint...
Hard Pill To Swallow: We Don't Want To See Your Cell Phone Pics
We are all guilty of whipping out our phone to take a quick picture of everything, but now it's time to lay down a few ground rules when it comes to sharing those pics.
Each one of us has been at a concert, show, or some other event where we wanted to remember the moment forever...
'River Lights' Event Illuminates Flint's River Bank Park
Riverbank Park in Downtown Flint experienced a literal "Glow Up" last weekend during River Lights.
Riverbank Park is already a really cool place to walk around and explore during a normal day, but River Lights stepped the magic level up 1,000%...

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