Michigan weather has struck again dropping several inches of snow across Flint and surrounding areas.  So you can either shovel and complain (and shovel again) or you can sit back and enjoy some of that white stuff.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I love a big snow storm. There's something about the thought of being snowed in that is equal parts scary and comforting. I was leaning towards the scary part as the snow started to fall last night. Wondering about how bad the roads would be in the morning, and who would watch the kids now that school was cancelled. Luckily my wife reminded me that being snowed in isn't such a bad thing.

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She grabbed a shovel, a big bowl, and walked outside. I didn't say anything, mainly because I thought she was going out to shovel, and I didn't want to get roped in.

A few minutes later she came back in, covered in snow, with the bowl overflowing with white fluffy snow. I still didn't know exactly what was going on, until she asked me to get a few things out of the cupboard.

She asked for the vanilla extract, some condensed milk, and a spoon. I'm not the smartest guy in town, but I figured out that we were about to make some homemade snow ice cream!

The recipe is simple, just follow the steps below.

  1. Fill a large bowl with new fallen, untouched snow (about 10 cups)
  2. Sprinkle 1 tsp of vanilla over the snow (you could use a little more depending on the fluffiness of the snow)
  3. Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk on to the snow (about 10 oz), and if it starts to melt the snow just add a little more snow to the bow.
  4. Mix everything together with a spoon until it reaches the consistency you want. If it's too runny, just ad more snow. If it's not flavorful enough, just add a little more vanilla.

Making Snow-Made Ice Cream is definitely not an exact science, so feel free to play around with the recipe. We ended up putting strawberries in ours, and my son even got another bowl and tried to make chocolate ice cream.

The whole point is that instead of worrying about what to do with all the snow falling, you can create a life long memory or tradition with your family.

For anyone that wants to start up about not eating snow, just stop.


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