Construction season continues throughout Michigan and Flint is seeing a lot of it.

Most Genesee County residents are aware that there is a lot of construction in the I-475 and I-69 area. The problem is that it is hard to keep it all straight as to what is open and what is closed. Well, get ready for another hiccup in your drive to work starting next week.

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According to MDOT and their MiDrive website, another closure in that area is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 13th, 2022. The ramp from southbound I-475 to westbound I-69 will be totally closed for construction. This construction project is scheduled to begin at 7 am on June 13th and will remain closed until approximately Monday, July, 25th at 7 am. Drivers will see a newly posted detour to use during this time.

There is another closure that will be taking place on Monday, June 13th as well. Starting at 7 am that day the eastbound/westbound Court Street/Fifth Street ramp to southbound I-475 will also be closed for construction. This project will also continue until July 25th, 2022 at 7 am.

These two projects add to the list of closures that are currently ongoing in that area. Those closures include:

  • NB I-475 ramp to Court Street closed until 7/31/22
  • NB I-475 ramp to WB I-69 closed until 11/15/22
  • NB I-475 ramp to I-69 closed until 10/25/22
  • SB I-475 ramp to EB I-69 closed until 10/25/22
  • WB I-69 ramp to NB I-475 closed until 10/25/22
  • WB I-69 ramp to NB/SB I-475 closed until 10/25/22
  • WB I-69 ramp to SB I-475 closed until 11/15/22
  • EB I-69 ramp to NB I-475 closed until 11/15/22
  • EB I-69 ramp to SB I-475 closed until 10/25/22
  • NB/SB Saginaw Street ramp to EB I-69 closed until 10/25/22

Drivers traveling in this area can also expect single- and double-lane closures as well.

Source: MDOT MiDrive

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