"We're your hometown team, and we care about you." That's how Gloria Tadrick ended countless TV commercials that played locally from the 80s through the early 2000s. Tadrick, who later became Gloria Zelenko, passed away on Tuesday (5/8) at the age of 90.

We've included some of Gloria's iconic commercials below.

Remember 'Tough Talk on Taxes with Gloria' (second video below) or the 'Repeat Business' spot (fourth video) in which Gloria's son Bill stole the cookie from a longtime customer?

According to Zelenko's published obituary, she was born in 1927 in Arkansas. Gloria is survived by her son Bill Tadrick (who has continued his mother's tradition of producing memorable TV commercials for Tadrick's Tax Service), a daughter in law, granddaughter, and three great-grandchildren.

Her funeral will be held Saturday at 11 am at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.

RIP, Gloria.


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