Michigan is full of delicious restaurants, pubs, sports bars and diners with fantastic "down home" food (more on that momentarily). Take a look at some of the most recent spots featured nationally and state-wide for having great food + popular national spots wanting to open-up in Michigan:

When you want a good "down home" meal with flavorful recipes and giant portions, you look to a solid diner, right?

Which Michigan Diner Has the Best "Down Home" Food?

  • Now, a Michigan diner is featured nationally by "Lovefood" for having the best "down home" flavors. In fact, it's so good, they have two locations in our biggest college towns: Lansing and Ann Arbor. Of course, we're talking about the popular Fleetwood Diner. As they say "The hippest little diners in the hippest Midwest towns."
Credit Google Street View
Fleetwood Diner Lansing, Credit Google Street View
Google Street View
Fleetwood Diner Ann Arbor, Credit Google Street View

What is Fleetwood Diner's Most Famous Dish?

Either location will treat you to their famous "Hippie Hash." There are many options to to choose from original, Gyro, Meaty, Tempeh, Chicken... Think hash browns smothered in all the yum. The original has lots of veggies with feta, too.

It's a little pricey as you think about diner rates, but soooo much food. Take a look at all the options to choose from -- you can get smaller side portions, too.

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Plus, you'll love the throwback vibes of the trailer-style diner in Lansing. Ann Arbor's location pretty small, but legendary in the heart of the city. Congratulations to Fleetwood Diner for getting well deserved attention.

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