Thousands of Michiganders will head north to Houghton Lake later this month to take part in the state's longest running winter festival. After taking last year off due to the pandemic, Tip Up Town USA is back.

When we say longest running winter festival in Michigan, we mean it. The annual event has been taking place every year since 1951. Last year was the only year that they had to pull the plug. So for the past 71 years, Michiganders have made Houghton Lake their winter getaway destination.

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Tip Up Town Features

They have side by side racing, snowmobile drag racing, live entertainment, a parade, polar bear dips, ice slide, sled dog pulling contest, carnival area for the kids, fireworks, and an ice fishing contest on one of Michigan’s largest inland lakes.

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When is Tip Up Town?

Tip Up Town takes place the last two weekends of January. This year, the longtime running event will take place on January 22, 23 and 29th.

According to Up North Live, this year’s theme brings a whole new meaning to the event.

Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jay Jacobs:

We have produced 1,800 free passes for the local area children's sixth grade and under. We kind of recognize the working poor in our community. We want to make sure that every child, whether they can afford or not, has a chance to come down to Tip-Up Town. Have a great time. That's this year's theme, Tip-Up Town where memories are made. And that's what we're hoping to do is let these children let these children have a memory. A good memory.

I've never personally been to Tip Up Town but I sure know a lot of people that go religiously every single year.

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