Pirate's Park in Flint Township may get a second chance at life, thanks to a Grand Blanc man who says he's not afraid of taking chances.

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Danen Williams tells WNEM\-TV that he enjoyed going to Pirate's Park when he was a kid growing up in Davison.

He acknowledges that there have been failed attempts to bring the park back to life but says that hasn't scared him off.

“Because I am a very big nerd. I love games, I love playing stuff," Williams says. "I’m super competitive—I don’t mind losing though. Like, I will play to the end, but I suck at a bunch of stuff. But it’s, it’s always just fun that way.”

In the video below, Williams points out that Pirate's Park has tons of potential and notes that he plans to rehabilitate the bigger attractions like mini-golf, zipline, and the batting cages first.

“No one else is gonna do this, is what I keep finding out. Like it’s too much work. It’s too much risk. It’s really not,” Williams tells the TV station. “We’ve got a full-size sports field, there’s a sledding hill, there’s walking trails, there’s the pond, there’s just a ridiculous amount of opportunity that they never really took full advantage of.”

The only thing holding him back at this point is money. Williams has an active Kickstarter program, looking to raise about $170,000 in order to get the park back up and running. Anyone who donates will get park credit once it's back up and running.

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