This is the most "real" thing I've seen on Facebook...possibly EVER.

The Grand Blanc Township police department is pretty well-known for being great on their social media. They're excellent about using humor to diffuse every situation, from the freezing cold...

...or just using cute animals to lighten the mood.

But this, THIS may be their masterpiece de resistance: mommy welfare checks during the polar vortex.

Today we will be offering mom welfare checks, for anyone with 3 or more kids at home. We understand having your little angels home for six days, with no Starbucks, may lead to issues! We will make sure mom is still sane, however we will not take your kids or babysit them while you take a “ mommy timeout”.
Hang in there moms! Warmer temps are just around the corner!

Well played, GBTWP police. Well. Freakin'. Played.

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