Imagine learning that you've just won a huge Powerball prize but you aren't able to share the news. That's what happened to a Grand Blanc man who just won $100,000.

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Lawrence Thomas matched four white balls and the Powerball in the October 10 Powerball drawing. Thomas' $50,000 win was doubled to $100,000 thanks to the Power Play. But there was a problem:  He had to wait all day to share the news with family and friends that he'd won.

The Longest Day of His Life

Thomas tells the Michigan Lottery that he stopped on his way to work to check his tickets. When he realized that he'd won, the first thing he wanted to do was tell his family the good news. But a dead phone battery stopped him in his tracks.

“I bought a few tickets for the drawing and stopped to check them on my way to work the next morning,” said Thompson. “When I got a message to file a claim and realized how much I’d won, I was amazed. All I wanted to do was call my friends and family to tell them the good news, but my phone battery was dead, so I had to wait until after work. It felt like the longest day ever because I was so eager to finish work and tell people the good news!”

Thompson bought his winning ticket at Grand Blanc Liquor on South Saginaw St. in Grand Blanc. He says he plans to use the winnings to help him live more comfortably.

Next Powerball Drawing

No one matched all six number's to win last night's $700 million drawing so Saturday (10/29) the jackpot climbs to an estimated $800 million. If a player from Michigan is the only one to win, it will be the second-largest Powerball win in Michigan history.

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