I spent Saturday night in Downtown Flint, and couldn't help but notice how much better it's been looking over the past few years.  From the new restaurants like 501 and Blackstone's thriving to the arches that went up ten years ago on Saginaw street, the upcoming renovation of the Weather Ball to the demolition of the Genesee Towers.

While one structure's demolition will change the Flint skyline forever, it will barely make a dent in improving the city overall.  However, demolishing 1,600 structures will be a major advance towards the city's future, and that future is here.

The United States Treasury Department approved $100 million in Federal aid for five Michigan cities to fight blight and demolish abandoned homes and buildings.  Detroit got the biggest piece of the pie with $52.3 million, Flint got $20.1 million.  Other cities that received aid were Saginaw, Pontiac and Grand Rapids, getting $11.2, $3.7 and $2.5 respectively. The remainder of the money will be placed in a reserve fund for future demolitions.

Work begins today in Greater Flint where 1,600 structures are slated to to come down while 950 have been tagged in the Saginaw area.  According to a report, this is the biggest effort in the fight against blight in both cities' history.

Are you excited about the city's facelift, or do you think the federal aid could be put to some other use that would be more beneficial to Flint?



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