Residents around Saginaw, Bay City and Midland, MI know the convenience of air travel from their regional airport, just like folks around Flint, MI.

Now, it looks like the "best kept secret" will be getting busier.

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Getting the word out to potential travelers

MBS International Airport is stepping into the new year with big plans according to a recent report by WNEM-TV5.

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

The Director of MBS, James Cander, told them marketing is a major priority for 2024.

Two to three years from now, I would like to see all these ticket counters behind me full and flights somewhere close to where they were in 2019, where we had nine to 10 airplane flights in and out of here a day to several destinations, rather than the five to six we’re seeing now to two destinations.

Increasing travelers means having a strategy to increase destinations and carriers, too.

Attracting more Airlines to MBS International Airport

The airport will be working with consultants to help pitch them to more carriers.

Of course, more carriers would mean more destinations. Thankfully, they have plenty of parking to accommodate everyone.

Credit Google Street View
Credit Google Street View

Which airlines fly out of MBS?

Currently MBS offers flights from Delta, United Airlines and charter services.

Delta flies non-stop, daily to Detroit. While United Express flies non-stop, daily to Chicago.

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