The third of five bike giveaways was held on Friday.

In case you didn't already know who Tony Tucker is, let us introduce you to this fantastic guy. He's the owner of Krystal Jo's Diner on Fenton Road in Flint and, as of late, he's also been named the executive director of the Old Newsboys.

He was named to the position after the passing of longtime director Chris Hamilton passed away in March of this year. The Old Newsboys are well-known in Genesee County for providing clothes and toys for less-fortunate kids around Christmas every year, and for their annual paper sale that benefits the aforementioned cause.

Aside from owning the diner, Tony has been doing an annual bike giveaway for Flint kids for the last eight years. He collects used and broken bikes from people (we donated one a few years back), fixes them up and gives them away for free.

On Friday, he held his third of five final bike giveaways at Flint Junior High School, where he gave away about 1,400 bikes. In total, over the last eight years, he's given away over 6,000 bikes.

Because of his new position with the Old Newsboys, this will be the last year of the giveaway. The next giveaways will be on July 3rd and July 10th.

Big thanks to Tony Tucker for everything he does in this community. He's going from doing one great thing to another; he's definitely a bright light in the area and we can't thank him enough for all that he's done.

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