The bike was specifically built to meet the little boy's needs.

Jennifer and Nicholas Kraft live in Shelby Township and, last Thursday night, their son's bike was stolen. Theft is NEVER okay, of course, but this bike was something special - it was built just for him.

His name is Leland. He's 12-years-old and lives every day with cerebral palsy and autism. His uncle built the bike just for him; Leland was starting to feel left out when his sisters would go out and ride their bikes, so he built Leland a custom tricycle. It cost about $500 to create and was shipped to the Krafts in pieces.

And, last Thursday, August 27th, it was stolen, just a few weeks after Leland received it.

Leland's dad, Nicholas Kraft, told Click On Detroit that “it just seems like all that hard work we did to get it shipped here because of everything that’s going on, and my brother in-law’s work on the bike it -- just seems like it went to waste."

Kraft also said that it was hard to explain to his son what happened. “I don’t know if he feels targeted individually but he was mad. He was trying to figure out why someone would steal his bike.”

“It was more so about his independence. His sisters can ride their bikes and we wanted him to go on walks and bike ride and join in on the fun.”

The family has said that they'll take the bike back with no questions asked. Until then, they've started a GoFundMe page to create a new bike for Leland. The fundraiser closed a couple of days ago, with his parents reaching their goal already.

Hopefully, the person or people who stole this little boy's bike will do the right thing!

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