With so many stories that I write for our website, I will often comment with the #LoveWhereYouLive, and boy right now do I love where I live.

If you know the downtown Grand Blanc area, then you know exactly where Scrub-a-Dub Car Wash is... right across from Ziggys Ice Cream. There’s really nothing special about a car wash, but lately there’s been something extra to make me smile.

I don’t know his name, though as of late he’s been dubbed the Scrub-A-Dub Saint, but he takes your money with a smile. He tells you to have an amazing day, and even gives you a little dance and a laugh. It’s just enough to maybe change a bad attitude to good, or a boring day to special.

This week Stefanie Edwards happened to come upon the smiling man. When she went to give him her money for her car wash she included a little extra for him. He didn’t want to accept the money, but she insisted. It was only then she realized that there was a story behind his sweet eyes.

"When he started counting the money, he said “oh that’s too much” so I told him the extra was a tip for him. He stood back and said noooo, and started crying....a grown man, crying over $5! Well, that made me tear up, so I gave him a hug and asked him why he was crying and he started telling me his story."

Edwards learned hardworking man  lives in his truck, which is currently broke down, and it’s parked in the parking lot of the car wash. Even with his own hardships, Edwards learned the Srub-A-Dub Saint still spreads joy to others recently buying mother and her  3 kids ice cream across the street at Ziggy's. When a customer behind him offered to pay as well, the "Saint" told him to get a car wash and "tip the workers over there".

"He told me he’s just happy to have a job, and he loves to make other people smile!! It wasn’t until after I posted his picture on our town Facebook page that I found out just what a sweet man he truly is!"

Edwards hearing the story knew she wanted to help her new friend....Grand Blanc's friend. Stefanie created a GoFundMe page to help the man spreading smiles in downtown. Since it started not only have donation flooded in, but offers to help repair his truck and more and more stories of how this one man has made so many others smile. Edwards says she is overwhelmed with the outpouring and love being shown,

"I am blown away at the generosity of the people here in our town!!!"

If you wish to help with a donation, you can click here.

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