Side note - we just learned that's there's a Wyoming in Michigan.

Police in Wyoming, Michigan (just outside of Grand Rapids) are looking for a bird thief - a woman stole a White Bellied Caique from Casa La Parrot LLC. The bird, named Max, already had a deposit - the guy who was buying him was making payments, and visiting him often to form a relationship.

The store says that the woman walked in, took the bird, stuffed her under her coat and left.

UPDATE: the bird has been found, the thief is still on the loose.

We have a Senegal parrot at our house. She can live to be up to 30-40 years old, and she cost me $400. I used to visit her at the pet store and feed her while I was making payments on her, so I know a lot about this. Birds can be great partners, obviously for the long-haul. Hopefully they find this woman!

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