They took the bear but left the cannoli...I mean, the tutu.

Like many small businesses, local dance schools have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, and Judy's School of Dance in Flushing is no different. They've been doing online classes for the last couple of months.

The school has a "dance bear" that lives on the front steps of the school, wearing a tutu, in downtown Flushing. And, on Sunday night, the bear was stolen.

According to their Facebook page:

Very sad to say that someone stole our Dance Bear from our front porch! The tutu was taken off and left on bench between MGM and Skips. Please do the right thing and return it.
This is not the first time. The Flushing police caught someone taking it about 3 weeks ago. Sad we can’t have things to bring some joy for families during these trying times without someone ruining it

As of this morning, the bear has not been returned. If you have any information, please call the Flushing Police Department at (810) 659-3119.

This is so sad. I know that, in our neighborhood, we did a teddy bear scavenger hunt. Families placed their stuffed teddy bears in windows, on their porches, etc. and kids from around the subdivision would walk around and point out the bears as they saw them. We put ours on the porch and it did occur to me for a second that somebody might steal them.

Hopefully, somebody will call the police with information or, better yet, returns the bear to the front steps.

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