Now THIS is GREAT news!

Yesterday, we told you about the MOO-ville Creamery in Nashville, Michigan, where six baby goats were stolen from the property overnight.

The goats are all less than two-months-old and currently being bottle-fed. Two of the six, Pepsi and Peanut, were going to be used this summer for the owner of the creamery's son's 4H.

Lindsey Westendorp, who takes care of the animals at the family-owned creamery, had security video of the perpetrators, which she turned in to the local sheriff. She and her family scoured social media, looking for clues throughout the day on Monday when they came across pictures of their goats. The parents of the teen boys who posted the picture and the police worked together to bring the goats back to the creamery.

The goats were returned in good health and are now back, safely, at the petting farm.

And as for the teens who made a baaaaaad decision, Westendorp says that they will NOT be pressing criminal charges. However, the kids (not the goats, the teenagers) will make up for their crime by doing chores around the farm. And not "fun" chores, like taking care of the animals. Menial chores, like picking up poop.

Westendorp told MLive, “I do feel strongly that if we’re going to help make a change in their lives that they need to see my face and see my children’s faces and get to know who we are. I think that’s the best way that we’re going to make a lasting impact on these kids’ lives.”

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